a) Booking

  1. What is “Service Booking”?
  • ”Service Booking” you get to choose the service, date and time, directly to your selected beauty center.
  1. How do I make a booking?
  • ” Service Booking”, visit WEYI’s website www.weyibeauty.com or application, after that choose the beauty service you want > beauty center > service option > date and time > instant booking/ request booking > complete your payment, and start experiencing beauty service.
  1. What is “Instant Booking”? If after the booking, I did not receive the confirm notice instantly, what should I do?
  • If you see the lightning symbol at the column of the beauty center, it means that you do not need to obtain a beauty center approval to make a direct appointment. After the booking is complete, you will receive the confirm notice within 10 minutes.
  • If you do not receive your confirm notice in the “My booking”, “SMS” or “E-mail Box” within the stated time limit, please contact us at “customerservice@weyibeauty.com” or customer service 019-3100727 for inquiry. We will generally be in touch within 24 hours to assist you.
  1. What is “Request Booking”? How much time can the beauty center reply my “Request Booking”?
  • If you are ready to reserve a service for a beauty center, you can send a booking request to the beauty center. If you have any questions about the beauty center or the service options, you can also send a message to the beauty center.
  • Beauty center will respond to customer within 24 hours, and beauty center may choose to accept or reject your service booking. If the beauty center refuses to make your booking or time out for respond request, the booking will be canceled automatically. If the beauty center accepts your booking, you can confirm your book and payment directly, and you will receive a confirm notice within 10 minutes after your booking is successful. If you do not receive your confirm notice in the “My booking”, “SMS” or “Mail Box” within the stated time limit, please contact us at “customerservice@weyibeauty.com” or customer service 019-3100727 for inquiry. We will generally be in touch within 24 hours to assist you.
  1. What will I receive after the service booking is successful?
  • Visit our website at www.weyibeauty.com or application, click the top column of “My Booking” and receive a confirm notice in “SMS” and “Mail-Box”, which will show all the option for your service, date and time with details.
  1. How do I use the Confirm Notice? Do I need to print it out?
  • You don’t have to print out Confirm Notice. Click on the “My Booking” “SMS” or “Mail-Box” and show it to the selected Beauty Center on the booking you have made. The Beauty Center itself will enter the code as completion of service.

b) Payment

  1. What are the payment options available?
  • WEYI currently offers two types of payment methods for bank transfer and credit/debit card through eGHL system.
  1. What currency can I use to pay?
  • WEYI currently only supports (MYR) RINGGIT MALAYSIA to pay.
  1. Is my payment secure?
  • Rest assured, we’re using a third party secure payment gateway- eGHL, your credit/debit card detail are tokenized and encrypted and stored securely, so even WEYI has no access to your credit/debit card details.

c) Weyi Vouchers & Weyi Credits

  1. How to get a Weyi Voucher?
  • WEYI currently offers many ways to get the vouchers
  • When you sign up a new account, click on the “voucher” column, enter your friend’s invitation code and can get a “MYR 5 Friends Gift Voucher”.
  • You can also share your invitation code to friends, and after they have registered the WEYI account via the link, they will receive a voucher for “MYR 5 Friends Gift Voucher”. When your friends make a booking beauty service for the first time, you will also receive “MYR 5 Friends Invitation Voucher”.
  • WEYI will be giving away “Temporary Voucher” from time to time, so you enjoy more concessions, please pay close attention to us.
  1. How to use the voucher?
  • You can use a voucher of “MYR 5 Friends Gift Voucher” or “MYR 5 Friends Invitation Voucher” for every MYR50.00 spent. Spend up to MYR100.00 will be able to use two “MYR 5 Friends Gift Voucher” or “MYR 5 Friends Invitation Voucher” and so on.
  • “MYR 5 Friends Gift Voucher” or “MYR 5 Friends Invitation Voucher” cannot be mix up used with “Temporary Voucher”.
  • When making a booking in our website www.weyibeauty.com or application, you can choose to “Redeem WEYI Voucher” on the following page. You can select the type and quantity of voucher you want to use in the booking.
  1. How to get a Weyi Credits?
  • You may obtain “Weyi Credit” after you write a comment about the experience of the service that purchase from our website on the comment section in our website. The Weyi credit are permanent.
  1. How to use the Weyi Credits?
  • Each 100pt of “Weyi Credit” you obtain can exchange into MYR 5 rebate, it can be used on your next purchases in our website.
  • Log in to www.weyibeauty.com or the apps to choose your preferred services and date, under confirm and payment section, you can choose to use Weyi Credit for the payment. You will be able to decide how much Weyi Credit you want to rebate in this booking.
  1. Can Weyi Vouchers and Weyi Credits use at the same time?
  • “MYR5 Friends Gift Voucher”, “MYR5 Friends Invitation Voucher” cannot be used with “Weyi Credits” at the same time.
  1. Why I did not get the “RM5 Friends Invitation Voucher” after my friend have completed a booking?
  • You will receive the ‘RM5 Friends Invitation Voucher” once your friend had completed a booking within 24hours. If you do not receive your ‘RM5 Friends Invitation Voucher” within the stated time limit, please contact us at “customerservice@weyibeauty.com” or customer service 019-3100727 for enquiry. We will generally be in touch within 24 hours to assist you.

d) Refund Information

  1. Can I cancel my Booking or Purchased Coupon?
  • Sorry, you will not be able to cancel the booking and get the refund once your booking has been made.

Except in this following conditions:

  1. Beauty center has been closed of business;
  2. Beauty center request to refund to the customer for a reason; and
  3. Depend on the situation
  • If the beauty center you had apply for refund have fulfill Refund condition stated above, you can apply for a refund by e-mail by send an email to customerservice@weyibeauty.com with the reason of refund. When the refund is approved, Weyi will refund full amount to you within 14 working days. If you do not receive the refund within 14 working day after you apply, please contact us at e-mail customerservice@weyibeauty.com or contact us at 019-3100727 for assistance.
  1. Can I change the booking date and time?
  • If you want to change the date and time of the booking, you can contact the beauty center directly to arrange for another time. Beauty center must be notified and replacement must be made based on the beauty center “terms and conditions”. You are allow to change your booking date before the date of your booking, any replacement of booking or refund will not be entertain after the day for the booking.

e) Account Setting

  1. How to create an account?
  • You can register by using your current email address or link your Facebook account to the website and the system will fill in some of the information automatically.
  1. What should I do when I forget my password?
  • Visit our website www.weyibeauty.com or application, click “sign in”, in the sign in surface and then click the “forget password” button below. Enter the email address that you used to create your Weyi account and we will send you an email with the link bring you through our website for you to reset your password.
  1. How do I change my profile?
  • Visit our website www.weyibeauty.com or application, click “my profile picture”, then select “personal information”, enter the content you want to change, click “save”.

f) Security

  1. Why must we make a booking and deal with Weyi?
  • We will do our best to provide you a “trusted” and “secured” beauty booking platform to protect all of your transaction with the beauty center. Weyi will supervise the message between you and the beauty center which including all the transaction records.
  • If you do not comply with our Terms of Use or did not use our system for any of the booking or transaction, we will not be able to provide any of the support to you and we will not bear any of the responsibilities on any problem of the transaction.